Just A Few More Days


   Just a few more days of sorrow
   Just a few more days of pain
   just a few more days of cloudiness
   Just a few more days of rain

   Then I’m gonna follow Jesus
   He has got a home prepared
   Then I’ll join the Holy Angels
   Mother will be waiting there

Not so long ago one morning,
mother called me to her bed
Then she put her arms around me,
listen to what she said

Darlin I am going to leave you,
but you’ll not be left alone
Jesus will protect and shield you,
after he has called me home

Sometimes I am sorely tempted,
sometimes I am sorely tried
But you overcome in trying,
taking Jesus for my guide

The righteous path is sometimes rugged,
but it only makes me try
And I know if I keep trying,
I’ll see my mother some sweet day